Because Dr. Aamodt also has the heart of a teacher, having trained university students in the health sciences as a professor of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology at Davenport University in Grand Rapids, he is very adept at explaing not only the “what”, but also the “why” and “how” of any health problem you might need to understand. Our Patients are well-informed.

As an educator, and as a member of the advisory committee for American Specialty Health Dr. Aamodt is not only aware of spinal and chiropractic issues; he supports vaccination and coordination of your care with all appropriate physicians in different areas of expertise. The interplay of your health is not just your spinal health. The integrity of your endocrine and immune systems, your nutrition, your exercise, your life-style…all come into play. Teaching in the Biology Department at Davenport University keeps him freshly current in the most current health issues of the day. Our Patient’s care is integrated.

As a Forensics expert Dr. Aamodt is able to see how the medical world, the legal world, the rehabilitation world, and the chiropractic world all come together in complex injury cases. There are only a handful of chiropractic specialists with this combination of training, who have an opportunity to see cases from so many angles and therefore understand how each profession can best deal with complex issues in health care. Calling complex cases as he sees them almost always pleases one side and displeases the other…but integrity to honesty requires that Dr. Aamodt sticks to the facts of the cases he adjudicates in these legal settings. Our Patients have confidence in our Integrity.

Possibly the biggest difference of all is one of case-management. There is a line between too much and too little care. Some chiropractors have hurt the profession by choosing treatment plans that can lead to huge costs and lengthy treatment plans designed around lifetime maintenance care. Dr. Aamodt uses “evidence-based” care concepts. This type of care leads to measurable treatment goals, in short projections of time, with minimal costs. Keeping costs down helps not only the uninsured patient, but also brings confidence to the insurance field to trust that evidence-based doctors are not basing treatment on a calendar, but on true clinical evidence of need and benefit. Our Patients get quality, not quantity care.

In addition to his full-time practice, Dr. Aamodt has enjoyed teaching at Davenport University since 2011. Teaching has been a passion in his life and being with college students as they get excited about health care as their career has been a great joy.

In 2005 Dr. Aamodt was asked by a large Managed Care Insurance company in San Diego, CA to serve on their Professional Affairs Health Advisory Committee. He volunteered as one of 15 founding members and continues to serve today. Their advisory role is to serve as a mediation between the insurance company and the many state Chiropractic organizations, the various state legislatures and thousands of participating field doctors. Dr. Aamodt is the only representative from Michigan. They meet for several days every year in San Diego or Chicago and via teleconference as needed to review policies, procedures and practice issues affecting the health care field nationwide. On this panel, he has input for the entire country in decisions which impact patient care and chiropractic issues on a national level. This is a volunteer position which Dr. Aamodt feels is his way to improve and contribute to his profession.