Believe it or not, not all chiropractors, nor any group of people think exactly alike. Every practice is different, just as every person is different. Within the chiropractic profession there are two somewhat different camps–“ideological-based” and “science or evidence-based” chiropractic. Neither is monolithic and elements of both are found in either side of the chiropractic profession. I am the latter type of chiropractor. My profession sometimes has struggled however, to balance zeal for natural wellness with biological science. I believe that chiropractic care must be based on scientific facts and proven clinical evidence, with an accurate diagnosis, which is not driven by ideology or zeal alone.

In my practice I don’t do 3-2-1 treatment plans stretching into many months of care, all forecast on the first visit. I don’t sign you up for any kind of long-term treatment program. I don’t have any hidden costs or padded charges. I don’t expect you to indoctrinate your family members into chiropractic philosophy. I don’t have mandatory classes or an evangelical approach to your health care. I don’t take x-rays unless clinically needed. I just don’t treat you like a cog in our wheel. Rather, I want to find your real problem–make an accurate diagnosis–treat you only as much as your condition requires–track your progress with proven orthopedic and neurological principles–with the least expensive cost to you–and discharge you from active care when your measureable goals have been met. I think patients will come back to me throughout their lives when they understand I am not trying to sell them “life-time” care! Your best care is not served if I treat you based on a pre-designed schedule of care based on a lengthy treatment plan of rote, unvaried spinal adjustments. Every visit should inform me of your unique changing needs and my care never follows a “compliance plan” picked by office policy or routine. My path to building my practice is one based on ethics and clinical need…and nothing else. I tell you the truth. And when you observe my care matches my ideals, you will discern that my only interest is your best interest.

All doctors, both chiropractic and medical believe our bodies have a natural, God-given ability to heal which works best when encouraged through providential life-style choices. This includes the healthy approach of good nutrition, avoiding unhealthy habits, exercise and making wise life choices. This principle of “homeostasis”, or balance in our lives, is an anchor I firmly believe in. Evidence-based care goes farther than ideology alone and strives to match clinical findings with the justification for chiropractic care. I believe in chiropractic care which is balanced with true biological principles which inform our philosophy of care, rather than the other way around. This means for example, that I accept the proven biological science of vaccination as a component of a healthy immune system. This also means I believe that just as someone can be over-treating with drugs, a good chiropractor must also avoid over-treating with manipulation. Knowing when my care or medical care is called for is the hallmark of an experienced chiropractor and I strive to know the difference.

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